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Tutorial: Como Comprar na Ninja Cheats

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Private cheat for Dota 2 (Dota 2) - Umbrella.

Supported OS:
Windows 7 x64
Windows 8 \ 8.1 x64
Windows 10 x64


Auto Accept - the script automatically accepts the game.
Now you can start your search and calmly go about your business!
Unlock Dota Plus - unlocking Dota Plus (after enabling, you need to re-enter the game).
Auto Disabler - the script automatically prevents the initiation of enemies.
Now any burst of an enemy from a blink and not only will be interrupted by a hex or other items, for example, ultimate puja or Rubik's telekinesis. More details in the topic with this script.
Rune Snatcher - rune autoselection. Indispensable function at the beginning of the game. It will allow with a probability of 99% to take the rune from any player.
Zoom Hack - even on small monitors, you can easily see the entire map and control the entire game.
Unit Blocker is a script to automatically stop creeps.
You can adjust the sensitivity and frequency of the clicks. On the replay, everything will look like you are doing it with your hands.
Weather - a script for changing the weather. Without buying any items from the Valve Store.
AutoBuyTome - the script buys a timing book for you.
Now you don't have to wait for the time to buy the volume first!
Tree Changer is a replacement for the usual trees.
Auto Stack - the script automatically makes stacks for certain controlled units.
A very useful script will allow you not to bother with stacks. He will do everything for you! More details in the topic with this script.
Back Cast is a script that allows the front part to turn anywhere, and the skill to release from the other side.
Courier is a helper script to simplify the work with a courier. More details in the topic with this script.
Custom Range Radius - the script draws particles of any radius you choose.
Dodger / Auto-Saver - the script automatically reflects / dodges abilities with the necessary items / abilities or just moves aside. You are not afraid of Lina's, Lyon's, Zeus's ultimates, Puja hooks and much more! This makes you practically invulnerable! More details in the topic with this script.
Global Utilities is a collection of useful functions. It breaks the mines of an enemy miner, helps to use blink at the maximum distance, does not allow Healing Salve and Clarity to be applied to yourself when their effect is already imposed on you or at full mana / hp. Also in the script there is an abyssal abuse - the script quickly disassembles and assembles the basher in order to drop the CD on the bash.
Illusion Controller - the script will allow you to control your illusions without any problems.
Kill Stealer - the script finishes off enemy heroes with abilities / items.
MP / HP Abuse - the script very quickly lays out and picks up items when using certain items, in order to restore the maximum amount of mana / hp.
Pseudo Random Distribution - the script helps to predict the chance of dropping an ability / effect from an item, which work according to the mechanics of pseudo-randomness. More details in the topic with this script.
PT Switcher - the script switches PT to intelligence when casting skills / items with mana cost, and then returns to the last stat that was before.
Silver Edge Abuse - works on the principle of laying out and raising Silver from the inventory. Allows you to increase your attack speed.
Snatcher - the script allows you to automatically pick up some items, and can also automatically pick up bounty runes using Phoenix's Icarus Dive and pick up Lone Druid's Spirit Bear. More details in the topic with this script.

Ability Alert - notifications about the use of abilities.
Maphack works not only for creeps, but also for abilities! Through the fog of war, you can see who, where and where the abilities, objects and even teleporters live! The script detects without any problems when enemies start hitting Roshan.
Jungle Map Hack - allows you to find out where and which enemy heroes are farming the forest.
Even through the fog of war!
Visible by Enemy - will tell you when enemies see you.
Allows you to detect Observer Wards, Sentri and invisible heroes.
Manabars - displays the amount of mana from enemies.
Thanks to this function, you will always be aware of what kind of manapool the enemy has, how much procast he can give out if he is attacked. At the beginning of the game, this will allow you to reasonably assess: is it worth attacking an enemy hero?
Show Hidden Spells - Shows hidden abilities.
Invoker's Sunstrike, Light Strike Lines, BLAST OFF! Miner, Torrent and Ghostship Kunka, Sacred Arrow Mirana, Snowball Tuscar, Charge of Darkness Baratrum and much more! It will protect you from many unexpected ganks and make you a strong mid lane!
Works even in the fog of war!
Show Illusions - display of enemy illusions.
You will not be afraid of any lancers, manta rays, naga and other illusions. "You are such a tough player that you manage to follow dozens of illusions at the same time and you can easily find a real hero" - your allies will think.
Cooldown Display is a script that visually displays the readiness and level of pumping of enemy abilities.
Notification - a script with visual and sound notifications about events in the game. Roshan attack, presence and use
the glyph of enemies, the exact location of the figs, the exact location of the scan, and much more. More details in the topic with the script.

Fake Leaver - the script will send a fake message about any player leaving the game. More details in the topic with this script.
Fake Chat - the script allows you to send a message on behalf of any player. Only your team will see the message. More details in the topic with this script.
Color Chat / Anti-mute - the script allows you to send a message of any color, even if your decency is below 3000 and you are not allowed to send messages! More details in the topic with this script.

Match abuse
Dodge Toxics is a script to avoid players.
Snipe Players - the script is designed to catch the right player.
Abuse Score RMM - a script that allows you to adjust the difference in the tank status of the allied and enemy teams.
Side Picker - script for choosing the right side.
Role Picker - a script that allows you to choose a role regardless of the selected role in the role-based selection of the Dota itself.

Overwolf is a script that allows you to view the statistics of players in your match and offers heroes to be banned. More details in the topic with this script.

Hero Specific and KAIO
KAIO is a multifunctional script for heroes. The full list of supported heroes can be seen in the script theme. For example, a script for tinker. The hero automatically flies through lanes and jungle, farms creeps, pushes or releases lanes. Turn on the script and watch a movie while the script is farming for you.
List of individual scripts for heroes:

Inventory Changer

Scripts List - here you can enable / disable loading of built-in scripts (you need to click Reload Scripts to apply);
Menu - a section where you can customize the work with the cheat menu.
Menu Key - change the button to open the cheat menu;
Reload Key - change the button for reloading scripts;
Save Menu State - saves the last open tabs of the cheat;
Fixate Log Window - fixing the log window;
Block Dota Click - blocking clicks on the game when the cheat menu is open;
Disable Menu Icons - Disable icons.
Scripts - the section responsible for the work of scripts.
Disable Load Internal Scripts - disable scripts from the server;
Hide ScriptsUI Key - disable all visual displays of the cheat in the game;
Scripts Language - change the reading language.
Security - a section responsible for additional software security settings;
Safe Mode - this function turns off the camera hack, and also blocks all actions outside your camera.
Enable Inventory - enable / disable Inventory Changer.
Show Log - turns on the script logs and errors window.